It’s About My Wish (and My Unforgetable Journeys)

Dear readers, you know how sometimes I feel truly amazed about how Allah answer my wish. I still remember one day when I felt so depressed with my health condition while I was taking my treatments to beat my breast cancer.

On that day, there’s nothing I want more than to go to some place out there, some beautiful place out there on this earth, far, far away from the hospital where I have to take treatments almost everyday for about six months. On that day, I felt so bored, really-really bored with all my treatments. At that time, it was about on the middle of my schedule on radiotherapy treatment. I felt so bored that I want so badly to go to a place out there far, far away…and what I want is, by plane. I know, to go on a place by plane seems a little bit impossible to be true. It seems too good to be true. But at that time, I want it so badly. On that boring days, I wrote a post on my blog. You can read on this post:

I still remember there were many days filled with pray, with hope, wishes and tears. I’m afraid I couldn’t make my dreams come true, because of my condition. I really hope that I can totally recover from my disease. But Allah, with His Infinite Wisdom, Powerful, Most Gracious and Most Merciful had a willing to make my dream come true. On 2012, He makes me go to Singapore. You can read about it here :

Allah, He is Really The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful. It’s not taking too long, He decided to make me to go to a place far away by plane just one year after I post my writing with tittle “I wanna fly away”. And after that time, two years later on 2014 Allah had made me fly away once again, to such a beautiful and historical place with its delicious food cullinary : Palembang, Sumatera Island. I wrote a post about my travel to that town on :

And this year, among my busy and boring days working as a teacher in the beginning of semester, again, He wants me to go to another place far away from my hometown, by plane (oh, you know how I really enjoy my flights, seems “kampungan” maybe 🙂 ). He made me go to Sulawesi Island, Makassar. My writing about this I had post recently on

I really never imagine, my simple wish to fly had made me took three flight to a different place far away from home. Far away from the hospital I had had treatment more than five years ago.
Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful had been so kind to me. There were so many wishes come true by His hand. Even a simple wish, even a simple hope. Just like my post on :

Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful had been so kind to me, and always so kind, forever. And for now, I have another wish. I dare to have this wish because I know maybe one day He will make my wish come true just like before. Because He has the ability to do it. He has the power to make any dreams come true.

Dear readers, I want to go to take a shortcourse, in another country. I know there’s a chance. But I know it’s not easy to pass the selection test. But I do hope, I will have the chance, I will have the ability to pass all of the test. I really hope. I will pray for it. And I will try as far as I can. I will learn more. I do hope, may, this kind of dream will be come true. But above all those, I do hope that I can totally recover from my breast cancer disease, forever and ever. Aamiin.