How Much Is The Price of Your Bag?

bags 1

As a woman, like other women in this world, I like buying bags or shoes. But every bag or pair of shoes I bought is in the normal price. “Normal price” I mean is at a reasonable price. That’s why I can’t understand how some women can buy some bags or shoes at a wonderful price. I said it was wonderful, because the price tag can reach a million, even more. What a wonderful price, isn’t it?

OK, maybe It’s better for me to keep my eyes close from that situation. It was their money, so they can buy anything they want at any level price, can’t they? But I’m so amazed with that reality in our society. I just don’t understand how they can spend their money in a very-very large amount only on a bag? They will say, it’s not an ordinary bag, but it’s an extra ordinary bag. It’s a handmade, it has a super duper high quality, it has a famous worldwide branded, etc. I see… but it’s just a bag, isn’t it?

Well, maybe I have a very different thinking from them. We live in different worlds, of course. While they race on spending larger and larger amount of money for bags, shoes and fashion, there are so many people who don’t know what to eat for dinner this night. They don’t know what to eat for breakfast tomorrow morning. They cannot earn money, because they are jobless and maybe even homeless. In our society, there are still many people who live under the poverty line. So how can someone buy a bag of which cost is more than a million? Are they blind? Giving charity is better for them, instead of bags and shoes at a wonderful price.

But they live in a different world with us. They live in a golden castle with all luxury need of life. Perhaps even when they walk, they don’t step on the ground :). Perhaps, if that extra large amount of money they have is they use to earn from a straight way, it doesn’t matter (a bit). But many of them (we can’t say “all”), socialite women who pride their bags price tags are wives of (so sorry 😦 ) corruptors. There are many of them (I can’t say “all”, of course :)). They are not different from a thief. They steal money from the state (and remember, that money is from our society, from their tax, etc.) to enrich them and their family. To pay for their high level lifestyle. Wow, what a wonderful life they have 🙂 :).

But the other problem is, sometimes, there are some women from an average class of society imitating their high level lifestyle in order to get acknowledgement from their friends, or their surrounding society. Moreover they find a loan to pay their imitating high expensive lifestyle. How poor they are 😦 :(. Honestly, I don’t have any jealousy with their life, at all. I’m just amazed, how can they live in such the way like that ?? But I think, like I ever said above, the best thing I can do is just keep my eyes close from that situations.


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