Dear Cancer…

Dear readers, di FB, aku ikut banyak grup. Salah satunya adalah I Had Cancer. Berbagai topik dibahas di sini. Yang terakhir adalah “What do you have to say to cancer?” it’s about to tell cancer how you really feelBanyak comment di topik ini. Diantaranya yang berkesan buatku adalah comment dari :

Gwen Fields-O’Brien Dear Cancer, The lessons that I learned from sharing my life with you for 12 years have been mostly good. I have learned to appreciate small things, like breathing, and the sound of my grown daughters giggling like little girls when they get together, I have learned that there are people that you never dreamed would love you and care for you and do mundane things like sweep your floor, cook you a meal, or just sit next to you on the couch while your hair fell out. I learned that people I thought would always be there were suddenly scared of you as if they could “catch” your cancer and stay away from you and it’s never the same again. I learned to have perseverance and courage. I learned that every headache or backache is not a re-occurrence but simply that, a headache or a backache. I am just now learning after 12 years that I can still be an attractive and sometimes downright sexy female. I’ve learned that my scars are indicators of survival and I have learned to love life again. I have learned that having a grandchild is the most amazing thing and I am so glad I didn’t miss it. I also have learned that if and when the times comes again that I hear the diagnosis, that I handle it with grace, dignity and a blazing passion to start the whole thing over again, because I won’t go down without a fight. I hate you cancer with all my soul, but thank you for what I have learned.

Comment itu berkesan buatku, karena ternyata bukan hanya aku, banyak orang lain yang berusaha mengambil hikmah dan pelajaran dari kanker. There are many lessons learned from being a cancer patient. Dan karena aku kepingin ikutan comment, maka aku tuliskan saja ini :

Failasufah Saefuddin dear cancer, please never come back to my life anymore. All that you’ve done is enough for me. In real, you couldn’t kill me. You have just made me stronger. So you better just keep away from me, from my life. Far, far away..forever and ever.

Ada juga dari website I had Cancer,  seperti ini:

Cancer, You will never win this battle, regardless of how vulnerable you tend to make me. This is only one of life’s hurdles and I will conquer. I do NOT accept you and will NOT allow you to take control of my body or my emotions. I may have moments when I break down, but I’m strong and I’m a fighter. You will NOT win this fight! In another 2 weeks, you will be gone from my life entirely. I will forever have the scars you have caused me, both mentally and physically, but in the long run, you will make me stronger. I HATE YOU CANCER and I hope one day, someone finds a cure to destroy you completely!

Reading their messages, made my eyes moist 😦


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