…and the result is…


Well, here I am. I’ve been living with cancer for about two years. I’ve taken some treatments and at my last check up this early month, the result said that it was OK. No metastase found. The result from my USG upper and lower abdomen and X-ray thorax said that it was good. But there’s an increase in my tumor marker ca 15-3 from 8 at September last year to 12 this early month. But 12 is still in normal range, because the limit is 38. I shouldn’t be worry about it, should I ?

lab result 1

I realize that I am standing in the middle of the war. This kind of fighting is never end. I hope I’ll never tired to keep on fighting against my cancer. It still live in my body, so I’m not brave enough to say “I’m the champion” according to all labs result that I’ve received this early month. Although I really hope one day I can say those words (just like the song from Queen “We are the champions my friend, And we’ll keep on fighting till the end” 🙂 )

In this short notes, I just would like to say thank you to my doctors (my oncologist and my radiologist) for being good doctors, for treating me, for giving me prescription I need. To all nurses for treating me kindly. There’s nothing I can do but say thank you so much. And may God bless you with a long, long age to help others, the patients just like me.

At the end, I hope I can stay healthy always, to fill my wonderful and colourful days. Amin.


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