My Reminder

Sometimes, when I feel so sad, when I feel so lonely, I read my quotes collections, or my reminder collections. Here are some of them (aduh, nggak tau nih, ngomongnya bener apa salah :)) :

The Death Wish

No matter how severe the pain of the sickness may become, one is not allowed to hope or wish for death.The death wish reflects a belief that Allah has burdened one beyond his or her capacity and indicates a lack of patience. The longer people live,the more opportunity they have to do good and improve their lot… (Hadith – Bukhari,vol.7,p390,#575, Muslim,vol.4,p1411,#6480 & 6485)

Anas quoted the Prophet(SAW) as saying: “None of you should wish for death because of some harm which has afflicted him.But if one must do it, let him say: Allaahumma ahyinee maa kaanatil-hayaatu khayran lee [O Allah keep me alive as long as living is best for me] wa tawaffanee ithaa kaanatil-wafaatu khayran lee [and take my life if death is better for me].”

Dua is the weapon of a believer. It will protect you from the evils of enemies. Dua is the shield of a believer. It will increase your sustenance. Dua is more forceful than a sword. Dua replaces what has been destined and also creates that what has not been destined. Dua is a form of ibaadat. Dua removes both the present suffering and that which will come down later. Dua and sufferings challenge each other until the Day of Judgment, and Dua comes out victorious. Dua is so powerful that Dua has the power to create and alter fate!!

Ask Allah for what you need so that He will give it to you. If you keep on knocking the door of Divine Mercy, sooner or later it will be opened for you. Never get tired of Dua, Allah has attached much value to it. Allah says, “Let My servants know that I have the power to grant My servants’ wishes.” A believer who makes Dua receives one of three things:

1. Either he will quickly have his Dua answered,                                                                                  2. or he will get in the Hereafter,                                                                                                                     3. or something bad will be prevented from him equal to the value of his Dua. Everything has a proper discipline to it, and so does Dua. Duas may not be answered when requirements of Dua have not been fulfilled.

Praise Allah Almighty.
Remember Him and thank Him for His blessings.
Send greetings to the Holy Prophet.
Pray your Salaat regularly.
Recite Qur’an regularly. Seek Tauba. Attain Taqwa.
That is the right way for Dua.
It may be that you dislike a thing while it is good for you,a nd it may be that you love a thing while it is evil for you. At such times, refer to He who knows the best, and that is Allah. Allah knows, while we do not know. So we must make Dua to Allah, then be patient, have faith in His unquestionable decision and trust His absolute wisdom. Sometimes Allah delays answering the Dua to give a greater reward and a further blessing.Allah’s delay is not Allah’s denial. Allah’s timing is perfect.What we need is Patience and trust.
The Eternal Paradise: Now existing, Paradise is prepared for those who serve Allah alone, and who are repentant. It is, what no eye has seen and no ear has heard and that which has never occurred in a human heart. In it are:
“Gardens of perpetual bliss – they shall enter them, as well as the righteous among their fathers, their spouses and their offspring. And angels shall enter upon them from every gate.” (The Quran 13:23) “
…For the righteous is a beautiful place of final return – gardens of eternity, whose doors will always be open.” (The Quran 38:49-50)
“In it are rivers of water, incorruptible; rivers of wine, delicious to those who drink; and rivers of honey, pure and clear, In it, there are for them all kinds of fruits, and forgiveness from their Lord.” (The Quran 47:15)
Allah has mentioned many other things about Paradise, but most importantly, it is never ending; and it will be for those whom Allah addresses saying, “I shall cause my favor to descend upon you, after which I shall never be displeased with you.”
And that is the greatest achievement.

There is no medicine like hope, and there is no tonic as powerful as expectation from Allah for a better tomorrow! 🙂

Be steadfast on the path of Allah, practice patience and perseverance.
There will be a “happily ever after” – Insha Allah for every believer,
Once he sets foot in Jannah, by the Mercy & Grace of Allah!
•►Say Insha Allah right now, Ask Allah for Jannah & Strive for it now!

“Whenever you don’t understand what’s happening in your life, Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and say: “O Allah, I know it’s your plan, and I put my complete trust in you!” “Laa Hawlaa wa laa Quwwata Illa billah” “Say Alhamdulillaah for your trials, and make du’a that He blesses those who are struggling with a hardship with greater imaan, sabr and barakah!‎‎‎‎”

Build for me near YOU…
a house in Paradise.’


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